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Sirdal Husky Farm

Sirdal Husky Farm creates authentic experiences through a mix of history, people and nature.  We stake our pride on sharing the treasure of unspoiled nature with our guests. We love recounting local history and giving guests the chance to engage in meaningful fun and play between humans and animals. We offer husky adventures and teambuilding for companies, as well as activities for families, groups and school classes.

Activity, experiencing nature, sharing history and culture are the foundation of a Sirdal adventure. Please join us for an unforgettable adventure, winter, spring, summer or fall.

“Life is not just a game, but it is important to play in life” – Norwegian philosopher and outdoorsman Arne Næss Sr.

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#SIRDALHUSKYFARM instagram page

make sure to check out our #SIRDALHUSKYFARM instagram page

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"Overnight mountain adventure was an amazing experience, great guides - highly recommend!!"

Wendy Dalgliesh

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