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We of course follow national and local infection control rules and focus on washing, hygiene and disinfection in accordance with The majority of our activity takes place outdoors and thus poses a lesser risk of infection than many other social activities that take place indoors. Indoors we adhere to a meter distance. We recommend all our guests to wear winter gloves.

Winters and snow conditions have become more unstable in recent years. It is difficult to predict a challenge in advance and we depend on safe conditions when we travel to the mountains. We tend to have good winter conditions from approx. mid-January, but this obviously varies. If we can not complete the trip due to. weather conditions, you will be offered an alternative date, and alternatively the offer on the original day or your money back.

  • Our dog sleds are self-built to withstand the varying terrain we have in the mountains in southern Norway. They are not intended for people to sit in them and for safety reasons we can not allow guests to sit in the dog sled (rollover of the sled can occur). The usual is 1-2 people stand behind and steer the sled.
  • Guests with special needs (eg wheelchair users) can sit in the sled where this has been agreed in advance. Then we will use a different type of dog sled and only one of our guides can drive the sled due. safety reasons.
The number of dogs in front of the sled varies according to snow and weather conditions and length of trip. Normally we use 5-6 dogs in a team.

We can have a maximum of 5 dog teams on a trip to the mountains, where 1-2 people drive and dog teams we can have a group of 10 people at the same time.

Our first priority is safety and our guides have annual first aid training in addition to several years of experience in traveling in the mountains and are locally known. We use GPS with sos function, walkie talkie and have first aid equipment including mountain cloth. We never take a trip if weather or snow conditions pose a danger. Snowmobiles are used as back-up on trips to the mountains, where we can react quickly if help is needed.

We spend several hours a day with our dogs to ensure the quality that we have safe and social dogs. Read more about our dogs here.

Huskyfarm adventure is possible for everyone and normal physical shape is required on our mountain hikes. Read more during our trips.

Our dogs follow groomed trails. On an expedition trip without a snowmobile back-up, we control the dogs with simple commands such as “right”, “left”, “forward”, “stand”, etc. Otherwise, all the dogs react to their own name and generally praise and positive feedback.

We have our own booking conditions which also handle cancellations. Please read our updated terms here