Mountain Adventure (5 hours)

A five-hour, mountain adventure. Guests get to mush their own dog sled team up the mountain and above the treeline near Norway’s second-largest nature preserve, which is home to Europe’s southernmost herd of wild reindeer. The route depends on snow and weather conditions, so we will let you know where to meet up in advance. We start by giving safety instructions and then letting guests help get their teams ready. At the trip’s halfway point, we take a break in a charming mountain cabin and share stories from the area, including tales of the old days, when impoverished locals struggle for survival when living off the land in primitive conditions. Full of new impressions, we head down the mountain and back home on the next chapter of our adventure, which includes hitting the brakes on the steep parts! Please let us know in advance about any allergies.

suitable for

Anyone who wants a unique experience in the mountains with a dog sled. You need to be in good physical condition, have some outdoor experience and be ready for some fun action. You will mush your own team and have to look after them for the whole day. Age limit is 14 years. Minimum 2, maximum 8 per group.


Offered Monday through Friday in the main winter season. Dates depend on snow conditions but roughly between 1 February and 30 April. Meet up at 10:30 at the husky farm unless otherwise agreed.

What should you bring?

Bring warm winter clothes (jacket and trousers), a woolen/insulated inner layer, gloves, warm hat, snow goggles and winter boots. We also suggest bringing some light snacks.


NOK 3,000 per person.