Mountain Cabin

The Sigurdsheller mountain cabins (owned by state forest company Statskog) at Øyarvatn lake are part of a 1 million decare (nearly 250,000 acres) wilderness area bought up by Oslo investor Thorvald Meyer Heiberg in the early 1900s. The area has been owned by the government since the 1940s. The cabins can be rented through Sirdal Husky Farm during the summer. The cabins were built by Heiberg in 1915 to attract the world’s upper classes and were restored in 2000. The cabins are a “living museum” full of stories in an exciting area with many cultural sites. The cabins have a total of 10 beds and are regular destinations for dog sled trips in the winter. In summer, the cabins are easily accessible on foot, by boat, or canoe. About one kilometer from Siggurdsheller is Sirdal’s longest sand beach deep in the mountains. Sigurdsheller was permanently protected by Norway’s Directorate for Cultural Heritage in the spring of 2019. Click here to see a film about the Heiberg cultural area. Fishing with rods is included in the rental price.

In the fall, we offer a course in grouse hunting in collaboration with Statskog.

suitable for

Anyone who wants to seek tranquility and unspoiled nature in an historical setting. Child friendly area.


Available May through October on request.

What should you bring?

Own sleeping bag/bedclothes, food, warm outdoor clothing and good hiking shoes.


NOK 2,500 per night for rental of both cabins (10 beds). In addition, boat transport, canoe or guide can be booked on request.

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