Accommodation at Sirdal Husky Farm is only available during the summer season from May through September as part of an activity package (see menu below). Outside that season, we can recommend accommodation at Kjerag Hostel (01 March-15 July),  Sirdal Høyfjellshotel, Sageneset Camping, Lindeland Camping or Sirdal booking. Activities can be booked directly with us.

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Have you ever fallen asleep to an evening concert accompanied by 30 howling polar dogs and the soothing sound of cascading water?
The Sigurdsheller cabins (owned by state forest company Statskog) at Øyarvatn lake are part of a 1 million decare (nearly 250,000 acre) wilderness area bought up by Oslo investor Thorvald Meyer Heiberg in the early 1900s.
An overnight stay in our wilderness camp consisting of six traditional Sami reindeer herder teepees, called lavos, close to showers and kitchen facilities.
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